The rich culture of Rajasthan…(my experience)

First of all I would like to apologise for such a bigggg gap between my blogs….as it was exam season I wasn’t able to write or moreover type…

My trip to the beautiful state of Rajasthan

Guys I have a big travel bug and just to keep it well fed I travel a lot and by a lot I mean A LOTTTT!!!!

so i went to jaipur by car from delhi NCR …it was tiring but luckily the weather was just amazing ..imagine beautiful , dusky clouds a light wind blowing and just the perfect amount of drizzling …aahh so pretty…..

anyways so I reached Jaipur at about 5 in the evening and went straight to my heritage hotel ; HOTEL HARI MAHAL PALACE .. it was a nice hotel the pool was fairly ethnic , here’s a pic….

City palace

anyways the next day I went to the city palace …the shooting of the superhit blockbuster movie bhul bhuliyya was shot here ….it also has two enormous pitchers made out of genuine ,pure silver ….just to carry water [ ganga jal] to england!!!

it is a very nice tourist spot and you get to know a lot about the history there was a lot of other stuff as well ,like the clothes and utensils , weapons etc.

day spent at pushkar

well after swimming at the pool …..I went to pushkar to visit the famous and only temple of lord brahama …the temple consisted of a beautiful lake and ghats …I saw many people bathing and worshipping …it was mesmerizing….

visit to Ajmer

then I went to Dargah Ajmer Sharif the next day it was very crowded but mesmerizingly beautiful ….they say that if you wish for anything it fulfills in a very short time …a must visit..

other places

I visited mainy forts also like JAIGARH, NAHARGARH and AAMIR FORT ….they were amazing historic spots…sheesh mahal was amazing toooo…


Rajasthan is famous for it’s extremely spicy food ….if u want one of the best experiences of rajasthan just visit VIRASAT iit is a bit expensive but who want’s to miss the folk dance and live folk music with the best food…but still if u wanna go for something more ecnomical …SPICE COURT is the place for you wity choice of indian or continental….[PS some of the biggest bollywood celebs dine in virasat].


one can get amazing jaipuri cloth and blue pottery in any of the locaal markets….


it was an amazig trip and I will surely visit again…..if any questons please ask in the comment section ….thanks



Following are the beautiful days of the month of love : FEBRUARY ….let the count-down begin!!!


Rose day

2. 8, Feb

Propose day

3. 9,Feb

Chocolate day


Teddy day

5. 11,Feb

Promise day


Hug day

7. 13,Feb

Kiss day

8. 14,Feb

Valentine’s day

Who’ s gonna be ur valentine write in the comments…..

The vibrant colours of GOA…..(my experience)

In the beautiful summer of 2018..

It was a mesmerizing account for me as visiting Goa had been a great wish of mine since like……forever!!!!!!

Now most of you know that Goa is truly fantabulous place … the beaches are full of solace whereas the energetic discotheques are sooooo full of life…the shacks serve homely cooked food and serve the real taste of Goa on your plate…the moment you breathe the sea air your aura is completely cleansed and changed..oh by the way Goa is divided into 2 parts… North Goa ,where the nightlife is at it’s fullest (my tip for you youngsters)..South Goa is reserved for families, the backwaters are absolutely breath taking ….every moment is special in this ‘TOURIST PARADISE’… so, here’s the rest of my story….

I landed in goa on may 4 2018 ….the scene from my air India airplane seat was genuinely mesmerizing … I could see the vast arabian sea before my eyes and a cliff too…so hard for me to soak all that charismatic view…

After landing at the DABOLIM AIRPORT, I booked a taxi and made my way to THE BEIRA MAR HOTEL a resort in south Goa..(ooh just to make sure that I did’nt forget to tell you ..I’m a vegan)..the resort was quiet pleasant afterall ..the huts were awesome… I thought that I would explore the hotel ( as it was not exactly a hotel but a colony of separate huts) so, I went on a stroll and decided to order pizza ….while walking I saw a huge, monstorous pool … That moment was extereme pleasure for me as it was quiet humid and I was dead tired…I went out of the hotel and could here the waves crashing….

once out of the hotel …the security guard wished me…..and I made my way to the local markets …

The beautiful colours of chintz fabric were right in front of me, pretty lanterns were being sold and glistening jewllery was shining in the night….swimming-suits were on sale….even souvenirs were being sold like flowing water…. I bought a beautiful bracelet and a cotton dress

(quiet a cheap buy !!!) Now I was even more tired…, i headed for the hotel …on the front gate pedro fernandez( the security guard who had wished me earlier ;)..) gave me my pizza and I headed to my cottage..

I woke up early next morning and went on a jog at the beautiful Benaulim beach…the sea was so vast that I felt just like a mere being….

On the following afternoon I made my way to spice garden ….A garden which showcased our history , and our culture i.e spices… After the tour was over the guide sprayed us with a special kind of water which smelled like heaven it was not very strong but had a very good smell and the best thing was that it was purely made out of natural ingredients …..totally amazing.

It was an amazing day!!!!!

I went back to the resort and headed for the spa….

I felt that I was in the seventh heaven at that time I was with priya the masseuse ….

Well I spent the last days of my visit having long walks at the beach, having yummy drinks in shacks ,and more over relaxing ….


India is a big treasure box of mysteries and secrets…so here are 3 bone chilling indian urban legends that will make your night a sleepless one …

Will ‘nale ba’ keep this bangalore witch at bay

Rumours have been spread from the south to the far off north India about this famous witch who knocked the doors of sleeping people in the’90,s. Armed with powers of deception , this witch would speak in the voice of close relatives and when you open the door you’d die. the residents devised a plan to save their lives by writing ‘nale ba’ (COME TOMMOROW) on their doors..the local kannada speaking witch was quiet obedient after all- turned up at your place, looked at the sign and goes away. Very intelligent witch …huh?

Demonte colony

A slew of stories dwell in Chennai’s demonte colony about ghosts residing there. Demonte colony was named after a portugese resident who led a miserable life with his mentally unstable wife and a son who died an untimely death .Fearful accounts range from a door that closes itself to vehicles ramming into the night guard…..this is a fairly spooky sight if you want to get THE CHILLS…..


This is one of the most popular urban legends of India…kuldhara village in Rajasthan was abandoned overnight leaving behind an entire village of crumbling homes and buildings . legend has it that the ruler of the village took a keen interest in the daughetr of the subjugated village chief, and to escape the humiliation the entire village of 1500 disappeared overnight. It is said that the village chief cursed the abandoned village that anyone who tried to inhabit it would die. even today , visting the village is only something the brave would try and staying the night is at one’s own risk …..


Thank you for reading it till the end stay tuned for more ubdates…

Have fun at work day !!!!

This might sound completely insane to you but did you know that there is a national holiday on jan 28 …Celebrated as Have Fun At Work Day!!!!


No one really knows who started this holiday but in most instances it’s a holiday that’s not only embraced by the employees but by the management as well.That’s because most people know that allowing employees to have a little fun at work creates a better and more amiable work environment and leads to more productivity and a more loyal workforce .

How to celebrate this holiday…

Probably one of the most important thing about celebrating this holiday is to see the permission of the management otherwise HAVE FUN AT WORK DAY could turn into YOU ARE FIRED DAY now you would’nt want that ,would ye???

You can always celebrate this holiday by bringing food to the office or by playing music while can always opt. for board games too, one can also watch episodes of popular tv shows such as workaholics,the office or 30 rocks. But the best thing one can do is let the employees go home early..


Have fun at work day is a beneficial day to both employers and employees. It helps in making a better workforce and environment. YOU might also know that happy employees are the best are you looking forward onti celebrating this amazing holiday with your colleagues????